CA RSOL Meeting – September 20 in San Diego
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CA RSOL Meeting in San Diego – September 20

On September 20th the monthly California RSOL meeting will be from 10 am to 1 pm in San Diego. The meeting will take place at California Western School of Law at 225 Cedar Street San Diego, CA 92101, Room LH2.

Registrants, family and friends,…

Sex Offender Registries (SOR’s): TIME-FOR-A-CHANGE

Editor’s Note:  Although this article is clearly editorial in nature, it contains a substantial amount of fact and data that have direct bearing on the subject.  It’s also a long article, and I hope you’ll have the patience to read… Read More >>

My Turn: State officials must accept that sex offenders can change

People change. This is an incontrovertible truth in life. Yet, this concept seems to be lacking in the wonderful state that has become my home – at least it’s MIA in the New Hampshire state prison system. (Fortunately, it hasn’t hit our… Read More >>

TX: Sounding Off – East Dallas readers weigh in on boundaries for sex offenders

The Dallas City Council has expressed interest in prohibiting sex offenders from living near schools, parks and other kid-friendly areas. The idea, which is being pushed by Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings and is backed by the Dallas Police Department,Read More >>

MD: Officials removing names from sex offender registry

BALTIMORE —The list of sex offenders on Maryland’s sex offender registry is shrinking because of a Maryland Court of Appeals ruling in June.

The ruling said corrections officials are legally required to remove the names of offenders… Read More >>

City of Orange Eliminates Presence Restrictions and Stops Enforcement of Residency Restrictions

In a vote of 4 to 1, the City Council for the City of Orange agreed on August 12 to eliminate all presence restrictions that prohibited registered citizens from visiting public libraries, parks, bus stops, schools and restaurants with playgrounds.… Read More >>

Local Sex Offender Watch Alert Barred

Sonora, CA — The Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Department can no longer provide a sex offender watch list or alert residents when an offender moves into their neighborhood.

The Sheriff’s Office has been forced by California’s Department… Read More >>

Reminder: You Have a Right to Record the Police

A suburb of St. Louis, Missouri, has been under a dramatic siege since Saturday, when a police officer shot and killed an unarmed black teenager named Michael Brown. In the wake of the killing, protests have engulfed the community — drawing… Read More >>

Reforming the Registry

Since 1994, when Congress first ordered states to create sex offender registries, the laws in the United States about sex crimes have steadily ratcheted up. We now have what experts say is the most draconian regime in the world. As we’ve tried… Read More >>

Steve Blow Is Right About Sex Offender Laws, and Dallas Should Pay Attention

The debate about media sensationalism and moral panic concerning sex offenders is always a tough one for me, mainly because I think most news media chase the public’s interest in stories more than we create it. Our rule usually is that… Read More >>

Orange Joins Cities Changing Sex Offender Bans

The city of Orange is set to join a growing list of cities revising bans on registered sex offenders in parks in the wake of recent state appeals court rulings. … Orange has already been served with a lawsuit, Lindsay v. City of Orange,Read More >>

Federal judges slam man in sex-offender extortion cases

Judges in two federal cases last week ruled against an Arizona man accused of operating an Internet extortion racket that targets sex offenders across the country. Full Article… Read More >>

The Ridiculous Laws That Put People on the Sex Offender List

On his 18th birthday, ____ ____ and his 14-year-old girlfriend of one year, Misty, decided to have sex. Because of their ages, that meant ____ committed the crime of statutory rape. When Misty told her father months later, after finding… Read More >>

AZ: Kindergartner is a sex offender? Really?

As we begin another school year, it is reassuring to know that Arizona’s educators are on the prowl, ever on the lookout for sexual predators who may be lurking among our children.

The perverts, the flashers, the five years olds …Wait… Read More >>

FL: Officers accused of bending rules on sex sting arrests

BARTOW, Fla. — In the decade since Dateline NBC’s To Catch a Predator segments popularized Internet sex stings, more than 1,200 men in Florida have been arrested, accused of preying on underage teens and children for sex.

But as the…

Op-Ed: Harsher Sex Offender Restrictions Won’t Make Anyone Safer

Steve Blow and Josh Gravens are two of my new heroes. I met them both when I went to Dallas three weeks ago to speak at the Reform Sex Offender Laws convention. Gravens is a sex offender who also spoke at the convention. I went with him to see what it’s… Read More >>

Op-Ed: Sex Offender Laws Have Gone Too Far

Our draconian policies about sex offenses reflect our ignorance of them. … The upshot, experts say, is that the United States has the most draconian sex registration laws in the world. As a result, the number of registrants across … Read More >>

Mexico: 53 denied entry in PV for pedophilia records

Immigration authorities in Puerto Vallarta turned away 53 foreign visitors between January and July when it was found they had a criminal record for acts of pedophilia.

The National Immigration Institute (INM) began implementing a program… Read More >>

TX: Research won’t support Dallas proposal that amounts to housing ban for sex offenders

In saner times, what Josh Gravens did would be called “playing doctor” or “adolescent curiosity.” General embarrassment and a stern talking-to would have followed. And that would have been the end of it. But in this age of hysteria,… Read More >>

General Comments August 2014

Comments that are not specific to a certain post should go here, for the month of August 2014. Contributions should relate to the cause and goals of this organization and please, keep it courteous and civil.… Read More >>

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