CA RSOL Meetings – Oct 11 in Los Angeles, Nov 8 in Sacramento
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CA RSOL Meetings October 11 (Los Angeles) & November 8 (Sacramento)

The monthly California RSOL meetings for October and November will take place on

October 11 – Los Angeles (usual location – ACLU building at 1313 W. 8th Street in Los Angeles)

November 8 – Sacramento (exact location to…

Justice Department Announces $17.6 Million in Awards to Support Sex Offender Registration, Intervention and Treatment

The U.S. Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Office of Justice Programs (OJP) today announced more than $17 million in Fiscal Year 2014 grant assistance for states, territories, tribal governments and other entities to use to implement,… Read More >>

California Enacts ‘Yes Means Yes’ Law, Defining Sexual Consent

Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a bill into law that makes California the first in the nation to have a clear definition of when people agree to sex. The law goes further than the common “no means no” standard, which has been blamed for… Read More >>

AZ: Arizona’s Naked Photo Law Makes Free Speech a Felony

Which of the following could land you a felony conviction in Arizona?

Showing images of naked prisoners tortured at Abu Ghraib; Linking to the iconic Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph of “Napalm Girl,” showing an unclothed Vietnamese… Read More >>

Anti-Junk Forensic Science bill is now law: Criminal Justice Public Policy Breakthrough in California

California Governor Jerry Brown just signed into law SB 1058 bill. The law permits habeas corpus petitioners (i.e. after a conviction) the ability to contest expert testimony that was presented against them at trial. In other words, experts… Read More >>

What I Want You To Know About Being The Sister Of A Convicted Sex Offender

I used to believe in monsters. Until my brother became one. Three years ago, I got a call that my brother had been arrested for molesting his step-daughter. Certain there had been a mistake, I was obviously dumbfounded. Until he confessed. Through… Read More >>

Ever have Your Fortune Told.

Human beings have the habit of wanting somebody to be omniscient In powers to predict the future. When you think of a fortuneteller you think of a Gypsy type woman in a dark room with a turbine on her head in front of a crystal ball. We know in our hearts… Read More >>

MA: Outraged Mom, Allegedly Assaults Neighbor Who Faces Child Porn Charges

A Massachusetts mom faces felony charges after she admitted to assaulting her neighbor, who had returned home after being arrested on child porn charges.

According to a police report obtained by The Smoking Gun, Nicole Pelletier, 42, entered… Read More >>

General Comments September 2014

Comments that are not specific to a certain post should go here, for the month of September 2014. Contributions should relate to the cause and goals of this organization and please, keep it courteous and civil.… Read More >>

WA: Sex offenders back at Marysville home

MARYSVILLE, Wash. — Sex offenders have moved back into a church-run home, just a few months after the City of Marysville forced them out.

The home in the 15300 block of Smokey Boulevard is located in a light industrial area in Marysville.… Read More >>

NY: Judge Rejects Sex Offenders’ Challenge to Residency Laws

The claims of nine convicted sex offenders that New York state, county and town sex offender registration requirements and residency restrictions are unconstitutional have been dismissed by a Brooklyn federal judge.

But Eastern District…

Hesperia settles sex-offender lawsuit

HESPERIA — An agreed-upon dismissal of a registered sex offender’s federal lawsuit was filed Thursday following a settlement. The suit had been filed in July over delay in approving municipal code changes about “presence restrictions”… Read More >>

CA Sex Offender Management Board Considering New Tiered Registry Bill

The California Sex Offender Management Board (CASOMB), a state organization, has begun consideration of a new tiered registry bill that would allow some, but not all, registered citizens to end their requirement to register in either 10 … Read More >>

DA’s Sex Offender Ban Continues to Be Repealed by Cities

Westminster city officials this week became the latest Orange County city to repeal a ban on sex offenders in city parks, following a recent appeals court ruling striking down a similar county law.

Wednesday night, council members voted 3-1,…

CT: Norm Pattis – Courts create special rules for sexual misconduct cases

A future historian might one day write the following of our time: “Despite a generally permissive culture in which sexually suggestive photographs were used to advertise products ranging from toothpaste to cars, 21st century Americans… Read More >>

Westminster expected to repeal sex-offender ban

WESTMINSTER – The City Council on Wednesday will likely repeal its ban on registered sex offenders entering public parks – a move that staffers hope will both satisfy recent court decisions that prevent cities from enacting such laws … Read More >>

IN: Court – Sex offender doesn’t have to register

MUNCIE – A Muncie man convicted of sex crimes in Florida does not have to register locally as a sex offender, the Indiana Court of Appeals has ruled.

In a 3-0 ruling, the appeals court also ordered local authorities to dismiss two criminal charges… Read More >>

NJ: Supreme Court – Sex offenders who served their time can’t face penalties under new laws

Sex offenders can not be subjected to punishments under newly created laws if they committed their offense and served their time before the legislation was passed, the state Supreme Court ruled in a 4-3 decision Monday.

In 1986, ____ ____ …

DC: US attorney calls for an end to statute of limitations in sex crimes

WASHINGTON – The U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia is urging the D.C. city council to eliminate the 15-year statute of limitations on sex crimes. U.S. Attorney Ron Machen says advances in DNA have erased the need for such a … Read More >>

CA RSOL Meeting in San Diego – September 20

On September 20th the monthly California RSOL meeting will be from 10 am to 1 pm in San Diego. The meeting will take place at California Western School of Law at 225 Cedar Street San Diego, CA 92101, Room LH2.

Registrants, family and friends,…

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