CA RSOL Meeting – January 10 in Los Angeles
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International Travel Experiences

Please supply your recent experiences with traveling abroad using the format below plus your comment / narrative. This is intended to collect experiences AT THE PORT OF ENTRY IN THE FOREIGN COUNTRY – Fall 2013 and later and being detained,… Read More >>

Bermuda: Public sex offenders list on agenda

Both political parties have come together in support of a committee to investigate how the Island should deal with sex offenders.

The motion, moved during Friday’s session of Parliament by the PLP’s Zane DeSilva and amended by OBA backbencher… Read More >>

CA Supreme Court to Hear Two Residency Restrictions Cases

The California Supreme Court has scheduled oral argument on two residency restriction cases on December 2 starting at 2 p.m.. The oral arguments are open to the public and will be held at the Ronald Reagan State Office Building, 300 South Spring… Read More >>

CA Sex Offender Management Board Supports Tiered Registry Bill

The California Sex Offender Management Board (CASOMB) decided at its meeting on November 20 to support a draft tiered registry bill that includes the termination of registration requirements for some registered citizens after 10, 20 and… Read More >>

But officer, really…that’s not who I am…

Things come in threes, they say–whoever “they” are. I sincerely hope not. Before eight o’clock on this gloomy Saturday morning, I had read two articles dealing with this topic, and I sincerely hope not to see a third.… Read More >>

Appellate Court Affirms Decision to Block Enforcement of Prop. 35 Requirements

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals today affirmed the decision of a federal district court to block enforcement of Proposition 35 requirements that all registered citizens provide a list of any and all Internet identifiers as well as any and… Read More >>

Interpol and Green Notices

Interpol is an international organization but one with autonomous national branches in each of its member countries and which fall under the laws of those individual countries.

The U.S. has its own Interpol force (Washington Interpol) which… Read More >>

Online rights restored to sex offenders as Prop 35 is struck down (Radio)

The United States 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has struck down part of California’s Proposition 35, citing an infringement on free speech that is guaranteed by the First Amendment. Prop 35, a bill put on the ballot via initiated state statute,… Read More >>

National City Repeals Sex Offender Ordinance

National City’s lawmakers voted unanimously Tuesday night to remove an ordinance restricting predatory sex offenders from parks and other places where children gather.

The 2005 rule said convicted sex offenders must stay 300 feet away… Read More >>

CA Sex Offender Management Board to Discuss Tiered Registry Bill

The California Sex Offender Management Board (CASOMB) will discuss at its meeting on November 20 a tiered registry bill that would allow some registered citizens to leave the registry in either 10 or 20 years.  The meeting will be held at 660… Read More >>

CA RSOL Meeting – January 10 in Los Angeles

The first California RSOL’s Meeting in 2015 will take place on January at 10 am in Los Angeles. The location is the usual location in Los Angeles, at the ACLU Building at 1313 W. 8th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017. Start time is 10 am.

The meeting…

LAUSD Sorry It Successfully Argued Girl, 14, Consented to Sex with Teacher

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) didn’t have a problem with attorney W. Keith Wyatt when he successfully defended them in a lawsuit last year by blaming a 14-year-old girl for having sex with a teacher. It saved the district… Read More >>

Los Angeles schools drop lawyer who won suit after blaming 14-year-old for sex with teacher

LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles school district on Friday removed a lawyer who successfully defended it in a sexual abuse lawsuit in which he told jurors that a 14-year-old girl who had sex with a male teacher shared responsibility despite her… Read More >>

There’s Hope Even for Sex Offenders (Editorial, 2012)

The war on sex offenders makes sense only within a large historical context. My generation grew up practicing air raid drills in classrooms where the teachers made us crawl under our desks in case the real thing took out Cleveland or Buffalo.Read More >>

FL: Lawmakers tighten limits on sex offenders

FLEMING ISLAND, Fla. - Florida Lawmakers have passed numerous laws punishing those convicted of sex crimes and this year added more laws designed to keep the worst of the worst away from your children.

The Legislature made tighter laws after…

L.A. Unified says girl, 14, could consent to sex with teacher

L.A. Unified officials are coming under fire for allowing their attorneys to argue that a 14-year-old student was mature enough to consent to sex with her middle school math teacher.

The arguments were made in a civil case that was filed last… Read More >>

MI: Former judge says sex offender registry gives ‘false sense’ of security

Does the sex offender registry really keep you safe? A former West Michigan judge says it’s giving you a false sense of security. Newschannel 3 looked into those claims, taking our search across state lines to see how sex offenders areRead More >>

VA: Manassas City detective in teen ‘sexting’ case sues teen’s lawyer for defamation

The lead detective in a high-profile teen “sexting” case from last summer, in which Prince William County authorities sought to take sexually explicit photos of a 17-year-old teen to compare with the evidence, has filed a defamation … Read More >>

Costa Rica Fights Against Sexual Exploitation of Children

Brooklyn, NY — (ReleaseWire) — 11/07/2014 — A new global Taskforce, launched in London yesterday aims to tackle the rapid acceleration of sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism. Eight eminent leaders from the travel… Read More >>

Green Notice: Interpol’s paedophile tracking system ‘compromised by privacy concerns’ following Edward Snowden spying revelations

The global system designed to track paedophiles is failing as nations refuse to share information following the Edward Snowden spying revelations, child protection experts have warned.

Suspicions of government “snooping” and potential…

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