CA RSOL Meeting: San Diego on June 18

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Janice’s Journal: CASOMB Should Discontinue Use of Polygraph Exams for Registrants

The Fifth Amendment is alive and well for registrants in Colorado due to a decision this week by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.  In that decision, the Court ruled that registrants could not be forced to incriminate themselves by answering… Read More >>

California RSOL Meeting in San Diego – June 18


California RSOL’s June meeting will take place in San Diego on June 18. The meeting will start at 10 am at California Western School of Law, Room LH2 at 225 Cedar Street, San Diego, CA 92101

Topics of discussion will include…

NY: For Some Prisoners, Finishing Their Sentences Doesn’t Mean They Get Out

After serving a year and two months for a probation violation, ____ ____ should have been able to walk out of a New York state prison on June 26, 2015. But officials would not let him leave. Full Article… Read More >>

Sheriff’s sex offender sweep of Camarillo and County find all in compliance

On Saturday, May 21st, 2016, Sheriff’s detectives conducted compliance checks at the residences of eighty (80) registered sex offenders throughout the city and county areas of Camarillo. The compliance checks were part of the Sexual … Read More >>

MI: Why Would a GOP Lawmaker Team Up with the ACLU to Block Child Abuse Law?

After the near-death of her 1-year-old son, Wyatt, at the hands of a child abuser, Erica Hammel set out to change Michigan law. Full Article… Read More >>

Senate Passes Grassley’s Bill to Track Sex Offenders, Protect Rights of Victims

The U.S. Senate passed legislation championed by Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley to keep communities informed of the whereabouts of convicted sex offenders and to expand and protect the rights of sex assault victims.  The … Read More >>

Sex offender compliance checks throughout San Bernardino County nets 27 arrests

A sheriff’s operation to ensure registered sex offenders are compliant in their terms of release netted 27 arrests during a two-month span.

San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies assigned to the Crimes Against Children detail along… Read More >>

SC: Issues arise with South Carolina sex offender registry

Victims of sexual assault and anyone else who monitors South Carolina’s sex offender registry may be viewing false information, The Greenville News found during a review of the state’s sex offender registry. Full Article… Read More >>

Study: 1 Percent of Black Men in US Are Registered Sex Offenders

One percent of all black men in the U.S. are registered sex offenders, and black men enter the sex offender registry at nearly twice the rate of white men, a new University at Albany study finds. Full Article… Read More >>

OH: Sex-Offender Registration Termination Not Available for Pre-2008 Offenses

The Ohio Supreme Court today ruled that a statutory procedure allowing sex offenders to terminate reporting requirements available to Adam Walsh Act (AWA) offenders who committed certain sexual offenses after the state’s 2008 implementation… Read More >>

AR: How State Handles Teen Sex Offenders

to one in three cases of child sexual assault will be at the hands of a teenager, and cases of teens with a history in the juvenile system assaulting younger children can lead to calls of tougher restrictions and more widespread notifications.… Read More >>

Sex offender registry has unintended consequences: Women Against Registry

Theresa Robertson of York County said “pariah” is the word most people think of when the sex offender registry is mentioned, and she and the group Women Against Registry feel that needs to change. Full Article… Read More >>

Inside ‘Pervert Park’: Safe Haven For Sex Offenders

There are over 500,000 convicted sex offenders in the United States, according to a text crawl at the start of Pervert Park, a documentary that aims to do the near-impossible for the most stigmatized of crimes: stir sympathy for child molesters… Read More >>

NC: On ‘ample alternative channels of communication,’ the First Amendment and social networking

A couple of weeks ago, I joined 16 law professors in an amicus brief (authored by Eugene Volokh and several of his students) urging the Supreme Court to grant certiorari in the case of North Carolina v. Packingham. Full Article… Read More >>

LA: JPSO unveils state-of-the-art sex offender ID system

The sheriff’s office announced Friday that the Sex Offender Registry and Identification System, or SORIS, captures a high-resolution digital picture of the offender’s iris. The system can tell the difference between twins, and even… Read More >>

PA: Challenge to SORNA retroactivity reaches Pennsylvania Supreme Court

In the last few years, Pennsylvania’s courts have taken an active role in defining the propriety and scope of the state’s sex offender registration program.  Following on the heels of a December 2014 decision striking down sex offender… Read More >>

NC: Couple Jolly After Getting Sentenced To Life In Prison Because They Say They Did The World A Favor

A white supremacist couple smiled and kissed yesterday when sentenced to two consecutive life sentences each for killing a sex offender and his wife. Full Article . wife.… Read More >>

VA: High court rules against device gauging sexual arousal

The controversial plethysmograph, used in assessing treatment, measures arousal as an offender is shown sexually suggestive pictures. It is the subject of a Virginia Supreme Court decision. Full Article

Related…

Newly Released Report Reveals Misleading Government Data for Registrant Re-Offense Rates

Although statistics demonstrate that there is a low rate of re-offense for registrants, reports released by the government often conveys the opposite, according to a newly released academic report.  The report concluded that the government’s… Read More >>

TX: HOA bans homeowners renting to sex offenders, but is it legal?

HOUSTON – A Fort Bend County neighborhood’s homeowners association has put a ban on any homeowner renting to a registered sex offender.

Lots of families with young children live in the Kingdom Heights neighborhood. The deed … Read More >>

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