CA RSOL Meeting – September 20 in San Diego
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CA RSOL Meeting in San Diego – September 20

On September 20th the monthly California RSOL meeting will be from 10 am to 1 pm in San Diego. The meeting will take place at California Western School of Law at 225 Cedar Street San Diego, CA 92101, Room LH2.

Registrants, family and friends,…

Scotts Valley sex offender treatment center closes days before school starts

SCOTTS VALLEY >> A sex offender treatment center that drew the ire of some parents because it was located near Scotts Valley Middle School closed Monday.

The announcement came Tuesday on the eve of the first day of school in Scotts Valley,… Read More >>

MO: No place for sex offenders to go

Ol’ Chaplain Farris Robertson is at it again — housing multiple registered sex offenders in a residential Springfield neighborhood despite a city order to vacate. Attorneys with the city of Springfield, busy defending the city’s… Read More >>

Polygraphs don’t work. So why do we still use them?

The FBI gives a polygraph test to every single person who’s considered for a job there. When the DEA, CIA, and other agencies are taken into account, about 70,000 people a year submit to polygraphs while seeking security clearances and… Read More >>

MA: SJC upholds GPS monitoring of sex offenders

The state’s highest court has rejected a challenge to the state law that requires GPS monitoring during probation for people convicted of certain sex offenses involving a child.

The court said the law gave judges no discretion on whether… Read More >>

FL: Air Force aiding Florida police in sex stings

CLEARWATER, Fla. – Not only have Central Florida law enforcement officers violated federal rules in conducting “To Catch a Predator”-inspired sex stings, but WTSP in Tampa has learned they may also violate longstanding… Read More >>

Child-porn sentencing questioned

Are federal sentencing guidelines for possessing child pornography too harsh?

Calling the guidelines “draconian,” U.S. District Judge James L. Graham has become increasingly vocal in his criticism from the federal bench in Columbus.… Read More >>

Sex Offenders Housing Restrictions Are Pointless (Opinion)

On Thursday, Joseph Goldstein of the New York Times reported that “Dozens of sex offenders who have satisfied their sentences in New York State are being held in prison beyond their release dates because of a new interpretation of a stateRead More >>

Two decades later, has Megan’s Law delivered? (Opinion)

It’s been 20 years since New Jersey’s Legislature passed Megan’s Law. The two decades since have been filled with legal challenges and disappointment it didn’t accomplish what many thought it would. It’s… Read More >>

Germany- “Don’t Offend” therapy model

This project is a free of charge treatment offer which underlies confidentiality*. It is directed at people seeking therapeutic help because they feel sexually attracted to children and adolescents and/or who use child abusive images. … Read More >>

MN: Mankato attorney steeped in sex offender controversy

MANKATO — As an attorney for dozens of sex offenders and a member of a high-profile panel to guide lawmakers and the courts, Ryan Magnus has a unique view of Minnesota’s sex offender quandary.

When Magnus, a defense attorney with Mankato-based…

MT: Under the radar: More than half of all sex offenders on the registry still lack a tier level

In Montana, sex offenders are supposed to receive a 1, 2 or 3 tier designation, effectively telling the public how dangerous they are. An offender’s designation also affects how they’re supervised on the registry. It affects … Read More >>

Hesperia settles lawsuit with sex offender

HESPERIA — Since this week’s council meeting and its late continuation of closed session to discuss pending litigation, an agreement was reached Thursday to settle a registered sex offender’s lawsuit against the city. Full Article… Read More >>

VA: Parents turn in 13-year-old daughter over nude pics on cell, tablet

DINWIDDIE COUNTY, Va. — A Dinwiddie mother got a nasty shock when she went through her daughter’s cell phone and tablet. The pictures she discovered were so disturbing that she turned the girl in to sheriff’s deputies.

The parents discovered…

Coalition Urges CA Governor: Protect Patients, Stop Gutting Confidentiality

(Los Angeles, California, August 20, 2014) — A coalition of nonprofits alarmed about the gutting of patient confidentiality urges California Governor Jerry Brown to veto pending legislation that requires mental health practitioners… Read More >>

OR: Convicted rapist driving Pacific City’s only cab divides tourist town

PACIFIC CITY — The white-stenciled lettering on the side of the maroon minivan advertised ____ ____’s business, the only cab in this tiny tourist town.

He shuttled people home from watering holes late at night, drove surfers … Read More >>

PA: Mandatory minimum sentences are ‘unconstitutional,’ court says

Locals charged with crimes involving drugs, guns or sex abuse could be due relief at sentencing, according to a high-court ruling. A Pennsylvania Superior Court opinion has deemed mandatory minimum sentences “unconstitutional,” … Read More >>

NY: Housing Restrictions Keep Sex Offenders in Prison Beyond Release Dates

Dozens of sex offenders who have satisfied their sentences in New York State are being held in prison beyond their release dates because of a new interpretation of a state law that governs where they can live.

The law, which has been in effect … Read More >>

NY: Non-Sex Crime May Trigger Management, Panel Says

The state may initiate civil management proceedings against a sex offender who, while on supervised release, committed a non-sex crime, a state appeals panel has held. Full Article… Read More >>

OK: Program treats juvenile sex offenders as kids, not criminals

OKLAHOMA CITY – Sex offender. The phrase conjures pariahs living under bridges. Adults “grooming” children for devastating abuse. Violent men who take what is not freely given. Broken people.

And yet, here comes Tyler, bounding…

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