CA RSOL Meeting – May 17 in Berkeley
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CA RSOL Meeting – May 17 in Berkeley

California RSOL’s Meeting will take place on May 17 at 10 am in Berkeley. The location is Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists, 1606 Bonita Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94709.

The meeting will cover general topics of interest, as well… Read More

A Criminal Justice System in Crisis: Suspect Serial Killers Slip Through the Cracks in OC (Op-Ed)

In light of the recent arrests of two registered sex offenders in connection with four murders in Orange County, I’d like to share an article that I originally wrote a few months ago for OC Lawyer Magazine. The tragedy brings into focus the … Read More

Australia: Palmer party sex offender bill rejected

A parliamentary committee has rejected a Palmer United Party bill which would have allowed police the power to enter and search the premises of sex offenders, amidst claims from a committee member the system is not doing its job. The Legal Affairs… Read More

When sex-offender laws promote more crimes

National City has become the latest California city to face a lawsuit from a registered San Luis Obispo County sex offender over its sex-offender regulations. _____ ____, 61, of Grover Beach, contends such local ordinances are superseded… Read More

GPS failed to stop serial killings

While GPS devices used to monitor sex offenders played an integral role in the capture of two suspected serial killers last week, early details from the case raise questions about how well the tracking data are routinely monitored.

Police … Read More


On April 1, 2014, The City of Redlands, California, repealed a 2011 ordinance prohibiting persons required to register pursuant to Penal Code section 290 from entering city parks without prior written permission by the City of Redlands Police… Read More

OK: Bill Would Ban Sex Offenders from State Parks

The House of Representatives approved a legislation today which would prohibit sex offenders from entering state parks in Oklahoma. This includes aggravated sex offenders and habitual sex offenders. Aggravated sex offenders are those… Read More

SD: City defines where sex offender can be

The Hankinson City Council is trying to create a safe zone for children after a high-risk sex offender took up residence a few miles outside town.

Last week, the council passed the first reading of an ordinance that prohibits a registered sexual… Read More

“World’s Worst Mom” to speak at 6th RSOL National Conference

Lenore Skenazy, ( blogger, public speaker, and reality show host is the keynote speaker at the 6th annual conference of Reform Sex Offender Laws, Inc. being held in Dallas, Texas, July 16-19, 2014.

She was given the… Read More

The Field Validity of Static-99/R Sex Offender Risk Assessment Tool in California

Policies that differentially apply to sexual offenders at different risk levels require defensible  procedures for classifying offenders into risk categories. The current study examines the reliability and validity of Static-99 … Read More

The Evolution of Unconstitutionality in Sex Offender Registration Laws

More is not always better. Consider sex offender registration laws. Initially anchored by rational basis, registration schemes have spiraled out of control because legislators, eager to please a fearful public, have been given unfettered… Read More

Do Ex-Sex Offenders Have Civil Rights?

They are the most loathed convicts on the planet. Even other criminals hate them. Cities in recent years have targeted them with laws that limit where and when they can be certain places, particularly on Halloween, when children are out.

But… Read More

Today’s Untouchables: Sex Offenders

Sex offenders are the foremost pariahs of our current day. In opinion polls, even intravenous drug users place higher. A recent series of high profile cases involving child sexual abuse have revealed the maddening frequency of the problem.… Read More

Not Really, But Sort Of In Defense Of The ‘Pillowcase Rapist’ (Commentary)

Now I know that for some people, sex crimes are worse than actual murder.  I know there a contingent of people who believe that rapists and sex offenders should be punished as if they committed murder, including having the death penalty on the… Read More


A sex offender ordinance adopted by Carson, a city located within Los Angeles County, is the subject of a lawsuit filed today in Federal district court. This is the fourth lawsuit to be filed in four weeks challenging a city’s sex offender … Read More

Sex offender wants parks proximity (National City)

A registered sex offender in San Luis Obispo County is suing cities across the state, claiming he has every right to go near schools and parks — and National City has become his latest target. ____ ____, 61, of Grover Beach, was convicted … Read More

WA: Yakima County judge blocks release of sex offender information

YAKIMA, Wash. — A Yakima County judge has blocked the release of names and addresses of low-level sex offenders to a Mesa woman who wants to post the information on a website.

Ruling Friday, Superior Court Judge Blaine Gibson permanently … Read More

Do sex offender registries, like new ‘OffenderWatch,’ make us safer? (Op-Ed)

Today the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office announced it was launching “OffenderWatch,” a brand-new way to be scared of your neighbors. …

I have a few questions: Why? And what, exactly, are you to do with this information? Do you… Read More

General Comments April 2014

Comments that are not specific to a certain post should go here, for the month of April 2014. Contributions should relate to the cause and goals of this organization and please, keep it courteous and civil.… Read More

WI: Man convicted of setting sex offfender’s house on fire

STURGEON BAY – A man who didn’t like that a sex offender moved into the neighborhood, so he set that man’s home on fire, was convicted Thursday.

T.J. Robert Hunt pleaded no contest to arson, according to online court records. Three other… Read More

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