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HR 515 Articles (Collection)

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Added February 4

Pres. Obama: Resist Signing the International Megan’s Law [FreeRange Kids (Lenore Skenazy)]

Who here is in favor of sex trafficking? Didn’t think so. Me neither. You can be against… Read More >>

Janice’s Journal: We Must Answer This Grave Injustice to the U.S. Constitution

It took six weeks.  Only six weeks for Congress to make a historic decision without any discussion or debate about its significance.  That decision is the addition of “unique identifiers” to the passports of U.S. citizens.  This has… Read More >>

CA RSOL to Meet in Berkeley – February 20

California RSOL will meet in Berkeley on February 20 at the Finnish Hall, 1970 Chestnut Street. The meeting will begin at 10 a.m. and last about two hours. The meeting will feature guest speaker Nicole Pittman, an advocate for juvenile sex offenders,… Read More >>

UT: Amendment to lower time on Sex Offender Registry on House floor

SALT LAKE CITY — Amendments to HB16 would allow those who have been charged with crimes like voyeurism or “enticing a minor” to be dropped from the Sex Offender Registry in five years instead of 10.

“Almost everyone is …

7th Circuit OKs sex-offender GPS monitoring

Wisconsin lawmakers didn’t violate the U.S. Constitution when they mandated that anyone deemed to be a sexually violent person wear a GPS monitoring device following his or her release from civil commitment, a federal appeals court has… Read More >>

Sex offenders face obstacles from well-intended laws

I’ve been trying to help a sex offender I’ll call George to find a home plan in preparation for his release from prison in March. I’ve known this man for 10 years. His crimes are computer crimes and stupidity. Will he re-offend?… Read More >>

General Comments February 2016

Comments that are not specific to a certain post should go here, for the month of February 2016. Contributions should relate to the cause and goals of this organization and please, keep it courteous and civil.… Read More >>

Obama Could Still Stop ‘Megan’s Law’ From Making Sex Offenders Get Special Passports

Both the U.S. House and Senate have signed off on a bill to brand registered sex offenders as such on their passports and require federal officials to notify foreign governments whenever certain offenders intend to travel there. The bill… Read More >>

Congress votes to stigmatize and surveil the travel of second-class US citizens

Can second-class US citizens be required to carry second-class US passports with a conspicuous stigmatizing “scarlet letter” label? Congress has now said yes.

Do DHS pre-cogs have the omniscience and infallibility of angels at predicting… Read More >>

Congress Acts to Mark Passports of Sex Offenders

Target of legislation is sex-traffickers; critics call it a ‘scarlet letter.’

Legislation requiring the State Department to identify registered sex offenders with a special mark on their passports received final passage in the House… Read More >>

This is how to pass a bill with no facts to support it

The discussion in the U.S. House pertinent to International Megan’s Law has ended with a vote to pass the resolution under suspension of the rules.

Ten legislators spoke in favor of the bill. They all threw out a lot of numbers, sometimes… Read More >>

Congress Reschedules HR 515 Vote for February 1 [updated with media]

The U.S. House of Representatives has rescheduled its vote on HR 515, International Megan’s Law, for Monday, February 1. As originally scheduled, the vote will be under a “suspension of the rules” and therefore debate… Read More >>

IL: Jail inmates target female guards, lawyers with sexual abuse

They call themselves Savage Life. Inmates facing charges of murder, rape and other serious crimes formed the gang about six months ago in the Cook County Jail. Their goal is to sow chaos, officials say. They physically attack guards. …… Read More >>

Should a 9-year-old Be Branded a Sex Offender for Life? [Opinion]

Southwestern Law School professor Catherine Carpenter put it bluntly in her new research paper, “Throwaway Children: The Tragic Consequences of a False Narrative.”

“Truth be told,” she wrote, “we are…

WI: Court upholds GPS tracking of sex offender convicted before law passed

Making a Wisconsin sex offender wear a GPS anklet for life, when he was convicted before that was the law, does not violate the constitutional prohibition against retroactive punishment, a federal appeals court has ruled. Full Article… Read More >>

TX: Court orders 83-year-old sex offender freed

AUSTIN — In a decision that could presage other releases, a state appeals court in Beaumont on Thursday ordered an 83-year-old man be immediately freed from a controversial supervision program for sex offenders because he no longer… Read More >>

Judge Gives Man 5 Days for Child Porn, Rails Against Harsh Sentences

A Brooklyn man who faced 10 years for downloading child pornography was sentenced to five days by a federal judge who sharply criticized punishment guidelines for failing to distinguish between dangerous offenders and those who pose little… Read More >>

LA: HIV exposure law unjustly applies sex offender status, advocates say

As the deadline loomed for ____ to send out notices of her sex-offender status, she had two choices.

She could stay at Covenant House with a roof over her head and a structured environment geared toward helping her turn her life around. But if … Read More >>

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