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Internet Identifier Bill to be Heard on July 14

The Senate Public Safety Committee will hear Senate Bill 448 (SB 448) on July 14. The bill, if passed, would require all registered citizens to disclose their “internet identifiers” to law enforcement within five working days.… Read More >>

Janice’s Journal: Senate Bill 54 – Is the Battle Over? Maybe, Maybe Not [updated with sample letter and contact info]

The Senate Public Safety Committee conducted a hearing on June 30 during which it considered Senate Bill 54 (SB 54).  The bill, if passed, would (1) overturn a recent CA Supreme Court decision that declared blanket residency restrictions… Read More >>

CA RSOL Meeting in Los Angeles – July 25

California RSOL will return its monthly meeting to Los Angeles on July 25. As usual, the location is the ACLU Building at 1313 W. 8th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017. Start time is 10 am.

We will focus on current topics, including pending legislation… Read More >>

Turning Teens who Have Sex into “Sex Offenders” — The Story Continues

The front page of today’s New York Times features the case against Zach Anderson, a case you read about here three weeks ago. Zach is the 19 year old who met a young woman, 17, on “Hot or Not,” had sex with her once and now sits in jail. When… Read More >>

VA: Sex offenders held long after sentence

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) – Having already served their sentences, hundreds of Virginia sex offenders are held behind bars for months – some for years – while waiting to see whether they’ll be sent to a psychiatric center indefinitely, an… Read More >>

MN: Sex offender treatment program needs changes

Federal Judge Donovan Frank recently handed down an opinion on a lawsuit challenging the legality of Minnesota’s indefinite confinement of sex offenders after they finish their prison sentences. Full Article… Read More >>

Teenager’s Jailing Brings a Call to Fix Sex Offender Registries

ELKHART, Ind. — Until one day in December, Zachery Anderson was a typical 19-year-old in a small Midwestern city.

He studied computer science at the local community college. He lived with his parents and two younger brothers in a sun-filled… Read More >>

Reasonable People—Your Opinions Needed

Cruel and unusual punishment has no exact definition in law—a number of state constitutions describe it as punishment that’s so disproportionate to the crime committed that it shocks the conscience of a reasonable person. Our notions… Read More >>

IN: ACLU – RFRA must let sex offenders worship at churches with schools

The American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana filed Wednesday what appears to be the first lawsuit that invokes the state’s new new Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Their clients? Registered sex offenders who believe their religious… Read More >>

A place to call home: Lawsuit filed against Grover Beach by a sex offender was years in the making

Grover Beach is being sued over its residency restrictions on sex-offenders, and there shouldn’t be anyone surprised about it.

Officials with the city, which is one of only two in SLO County that passed restrictions on top of those required… Read More >>

Bill To Revive Restrictions On Sex Offender Housing Stalls

SACRAMENTO (AP) — A bill seeking to revive broad restrictions on where sex offenders can live in California has stalled in a state Senate committee. Republican Sen. Sharon Runner of Lancaster introduced SB54 after the state Supreme Court… Read More >>

Janice’s Journal: I Have a Dream – You Have a Dream

Registered citizens, family members and supporters gathered in Dallas, Texas, for three days to discuss the changing landscape for those convicted of a sex offense. The venue was the 6th annual National Reform Sex Offender law conference.… Read More >>

Australia: Think twice before demanding harsher sentences for child sex offenders

How should we sentence sexual fiends, monsters and perverts? By sentencing them to prison for as long as possible – preferably never letting them free – would seem to be the popular view, if some media reports are to be believed.… Read More >>

DE: ____ charged for refusing polygraph, therapy

When former state Senate hopeful ____ ____ testified at his child rape trial last year, he swore he did not force a youngster to repeatedly have sex with him more than a quarter-century ago. The trial ended in a hung jury.

When he pleaded “no …

Courts are reconsidering residency restrictions for sex offenders

In 2006, California voters passed “Jessica’s Law,” a ballot initiative that prohibited registered sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of a school or park. In 2011, crime analyst Julie Wartell of the San Diego County District… Read More >>

Married to a sex offender

Traumatized by their husband’s crimes and ostracized by friends and family “secondary victims” struggle to cope with shattered lives … Full Article… Read More >>

California Supreme Court reversal forces counties to examine sex offender registration

After a conviction for oral sex with a 17-year-old foster child under his care, ____ ____ served as an assistant to the Miss Rio Linda Pageant, where he was photographed with teenage girls.

If pageant officials and parents had checked the state’s… Read More >>

Reformed. . . or not?

Contrary to popular belief, convicted sex offenders typically don’t commit those acts again but it’s difficult to determine who will and who won’t.

The idea of a sexual predator stalking our neighborhoods like hunters… Read More >>

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