CA RSOL Meetings – January 10 in Los Angeles, Feb 7 in San Diego
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CA RSOL Meeting – January 10 in Los Angeles

The first California RSOL’s Meeting in 2015 will take place on January at 10 am in Los Angeles. The location is the usual location in Los Angeles, at the ACLU Building at 1313 W. 8th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017. Start time is 10 am.

The meeting…

Victorville to mull sex offender laws [UPDATED]

12/17/2014: Victorville aligns sex offender laws with state VICTORVILLE — The City Council this week reluctantly agreed to align its local ordinance restricting the movements of registered sex offenders with a statewide system already… Read More >>

About a Dozen Sex Offenders Work, Learn at SDSU

About a dozen registered sex offenders are employed or enrolled at San Diego State University, school police confirmed Monday.

SDSU’s list of 11 or 12 offenders includes at least one student and a handful of faculty, staff and contract workers,… Read More >>

Understanding collateral consequences of registry laws: An examination of the perceptions of sex offender registrants

Sex offender registration and notification laws have been widely studied since their implementation during the mid-1990s. Within the last decade, researchers have turned their focus towards the unintended and collateral consequences… Read More >>

NY: Parents for Megan’s Law touts record on sex offenders as it seeks to expand into Nassau

Parents for Megan’s Law, a nonprofit that monitors convicted sex offenders in Suffolk County, has alerted police to 173 cases in which offenders allegedly reported inaccurate addresses, contributing to 38 arrests, according to … Read More >>

IL: Former Illinois lawmaker registers as sex offender

ELGIN, Ill. (AP) – A former Illinois lawmaker who traded in child pornography has registered as a sex offender. Keith Farnham of Elgin is now listed on the Illinois State Police sex offender site as a “sexual predator” who… Read More >>

The overpolicing of American sex

Rape and sexual assault often do not get the police attention they deserve in the United States, whether on college campuses, in the military or in major American cities. This isn’t arguable.

But sex is also vastly overpoliced in this country,… Read More >>

Jessica’s Law promised more than it could deliver

Jessica’s Law, the ballot measure to harness sex offenders, began eight years ago with a promise – one that parents whose daughters have disappeared, as well as law enforcement experts, now say lulled California into a false sense of security.… Read More >>

Time for a Police Offenders Registry

This week, the Department of Justice announced new guidelines against racial profiling. The changes don’t actually change all that much. As regular incidents of police brutality get more and more mainstream media attention, it’s… Read More >>

FL: SEX OFFENDERS should not be allowed to purchase lottery tickets; they just might win

If proof were ever needed that an individual, once listed on a sex offender registry, no matter for what offense nor how long ago, is forever more thereafter considered unworthy of anything good ever happening in his life, this is it.

A registrant…

H.R.4573 – International Megan’s Law Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar

Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders. Calendar No. 645. Type of Action: Calendars Action By: Senate

Contacting your Senator:…

IN: Unregistered sex offenders featured on local billboards

NDIANAPOLIS -Marion County is launching a new effort to go after sex offenders who have not registered by putting them out there for the world to see. It is required by law for sex offenders to register with their local law enforcement so police… Read More >>

MA: Sex-offender restrictions back on burner in Worcester

There has been an ongoing debate in Worcester over the past several years about whether the city should restrict where Level 2 and Level 3 sex offenders can live.  City councilors have talked about the need for an ordinance that would restrict… Read More >>

Studies, Experts Question Effect of Placing Children on Sex Offender Registries

We all think we know what a sex offender looks like: a serial pedophile, likely male and middle-aged, who lurks in Internet chat rooms or hides behind church authority or children’s programs to prey on little kids.

But an estimated 200,000…

This woman is trying to stop juvenile sex offenders — by helping them

Elizabeth Letourneau is one of the country’s leading experts on sex crime — why it happens and whether there are better ways to stop it. She focuses in particular on juvenile sex offenders: people who commit a sex crime before they turn… Read More >>

UT: In our opinion – Policy dilemma – how to handle prison issues with large number of sex offenders

The numbers are often repeated in discussions about sexual assault, but they never become less shocking. One out of three women in Utah will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime; one out of eight will be raped.

But while there is evidence …

VA: Sexting policy change debated

The Virginia State Crime Commission met Tuesday in Richmond to discuss an issue they have been tracking for some time — sexting by teenagers and the state’s child pornography laws.

Last October, the Crime Commission heard that during … Read More >>

International Travel Experiences

Please supply your recent experiences with traveling abroad using the format below plus your comment / narrative. This is intended to collect experiences AT THE PORT OF ENTRY IN THE FOREIGN COUNTRY – Fall 2013 and later and being detained,… Read More >>

Convicted sex offenders, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the First Amendment

Beginning in the 1930s, shortly after the Supreme Court had “incorporated” the First Amendment into the due process clause (thereby making it an enforceable constraint not only on the federal government [“Congress shall make… Read More >>

Longtime Carson City Attorney Bill Wynder leaves post to do missionary work

Carson >> To say it’s not easy serving as Carson’s city attorney is an understatement. But the position’s importance, though largely behind the scenes, can’t be overstated — particularly because political dramas, lawsuits… Read More >>

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