OK: Sex offender law changes may be coming to Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA CITY – A stunning change involving sex offender laws could be making its way to Oklahoma. “I think it can open up an opportunity but being in prison around other sex offenders, if they want to reoffend, they’re going to find a way,” sex offender _____  _____ said. “If a person want [sic] to do something, they’re going to find it, if it’s the daycare down the street or church or a kid walking home from school.”

_____ is a registered sex offender. It is labeled on his driver’s license, on his criminal record and on every aspect of his life. Full Article

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  1. Brenda Krauser says:

    I believe this boy should be set free, too many boys going to prison for rape, this is not rape when the girl lies about her age then hides behind her age when her parent or parents find out. These boys lives are ruined. My Grandson goes for his 1 year hearing in February and I pray the letters and family still there to show their respect and support will do, it is up to God I know, my Grandson has forgiven her;but I haven’t, I would like to rip her life away from her and send her to prison for false testimony, which by the way was impeached, so what is there to debate? Our system is messed up and I wish others in this situation would be there to show support; but I don’t know how to get it started. I pray for your son as well as my grandson and I wish you luck and send our prayers.

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