Trio of sex offenders arrested in Santa Rosa registration sweep

Only three of 46 people contacted by police Wednesday had not followed state sex offender registration laws or were violating probation terms, Santa Rosa police said.

Officers from several agencies joined Santa Rosa police during the all-day effort to make sure sex offenders registered in the city were complying with the law, Sgt. Terry Anderson said. Full Article

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  1. Staying Positive says:

    I don’t see the policy or cultural significance of this story. Can we put this into some context? I guess it does look like a run-of-the-mill rousting of registrants, but is this really news? Or is the significance that 43 of 46 registrants were compliance–the overwhelming majority.

    • Joe says:

      I agree. I was also kind of wondering why this “news” item is even listed on this site. So 3 people violated probation and / or did not submit 100% perfect paperwork. Big whoop. What next? Sex Offender (the horror!) burps and forgets to report it to authorities?

      What is very disturbing, though, are the comments on the bottom of this story (on the original site). Like these people actually just committed heinous crimes instead of some unknown offense and then a paperwork mistake.

  2. dbradford says:

    I was the one who sent it in. I ‘caught my case’ in Santa Rosa, so the Press Democrat is ‘home’ news. i sent it in because it’s just one more tired LE atta boy showing the good work that our boys in blue provide, ferreting out these awful perverts. Notice only 3 were ‘non-compliant’, and we know how easy it is to become ‘non-compliant’ with these endless, eternal draconian laws, heaped one after another. The format and content, or lack of it, standard Press Democrat reporting. The comments below, well, that’s the attitude of most local readers in and around Sonoma County, See why i live in the Philippines now?

    Dave in the Philippines

  3. Bluewall says:

    And my remark to the article… Sooo What???? One person skipped on the annual (no remarks that individual went on a raping rampage) and 2 violating parole/probation ( which means nearly anything cause a person can get nailed to a cross for small stupid crap).. A big Whoopee…

  4. USA says:

    I concur. Can you imagine the resources that went into this? Man, they got those bad guys/maybe they were 5 minutes late for an appt or who knows? They had to get someone, or they wouldn’t have been able to substantiate a reason for all the over time and resources that went into this!

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