Women Against Registry: It’s Time

It’s Time!

Women Against the Registry has taken notice that the ACLU of Alabama filed a federal lawsuit against Etowah County Sheriff Todd Entrekin and two officers in the department, for “unannounced, random, and suspicion-less” searches of the home of a registered sex offender.

The women of W.A.R. believe that it’s time for ACLU national and ALL state chapters to take action to protect the rights of registered citizens and their families. Too many laws and restrictions have made it virtually impossible for anyone on the public registry to find housing, employment or to sustain a decent living without fear of retribution. Yet, empirical studies and evidence by academics suggests these restrictions cause a higher rate of crime. Why is it lawmakers and law enforcement agents refuse to listen?

As of May 29, 2013 according to the NCMEC there are 751,538 sexual offenders across the states. When measuring the number of family members who are having their civil and human rights violated every day merely because they are providing a support system for a loved one is nearing 3,000,000. It’s time we speak out and educate the main stream media, lawmakers and the general public.

Day in and day out a team in full swat gear, U.S. Marshals and local law enforcement descend on families terrorizing them with guns drawn as though they are expecting a full scale war to ensue. The irony is that they’re not only terrorizing the children and family members but, the entire neighborhood when they are there to take one person into custody and search for evidence. This episode, the compliance visits with a combined unit of U.S. Marshals and local law enforcement not only is unnecessary, but further convinces the neighbors those residents are all a threat to their safety. This opinion is the opposite of what is truth.

Children and their families deserve their rights to be protected just as any other citizen to live a life without fear or instability. It’s time that families of registrants are given the same opportunities to live peaceful and productive lives.

W.A.R. believes It’s time more of the state chapters of the ACLU collaborate in restoring the civil liberties for all American citizens including those who have loved ones on the public registry.

Women Against Registry applauds the Alabama American Civil Liberties Union for its promise uphold the rights of all citizens. It’s time we stand up and say no more to these laws and restrictions!


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  1. Bluewall says:

    I support this, strip the registry and bury it forever!

  2. mh says:

    Does anybody know what’s going on with the Rainwater Act in Washington? Weren’t Boxer, Feinstein and Pelosi supposed to take up that debate this month? I’m looking forward to the part when Virginia Representative Bobby Scott is supposed to argue that the Act will be impractical and costly and that we should just do away with the public registry altogether. It was in a National RSOL newsletter a few months ago there hasn’t been any news about it since.

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