WA: Sex offenders, ACLU sue to hide low-level offenders’ identities [updated]

“My family would lose everything.” That’s the argument made by a King County sex offender terrified his name will be publicized if the State Patrol releases the sex offender registry it maintains.

A married father of two convicted of sex crimes in 2009, the man is one of two low-level sex offenders brought forward by the American Civil Liberties Union in a lawsuit aimed at stopping the state from releasing the names of 21,000 registered sex offenders residing in Washington. Full Article

UPDATE (12/20): No Decisions Made on Sex Offender Information Request

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  1. CFB says:

    Thanks to the ACLU for stepping forward to address the very real issues propagated by the mob mentality that is so pervasive in our world today. As a Washington State resident and a Level 1 registrant I am deeply concerned with this issue. I have lived here for years and have established trust, friendships, employment(my own business), and have been treated with courtesy by all local law enforcement. I have worked incredibly hard over the years to rebuild and move forward. Washington State has helped in that process by having a tiered system that allows that does not require public notification for Level 1. Public notification does nothing except destroy lives! It negates without statistical, evidential, or rational basis and without due process everything personally and professionally for those affected by it. The maliciousness and indiscriminate use of public notification after so many years of successful rebuilding to do nothing more than destroy an individuals life should be considered a crime. Persons and all those around them affected by it should be able to seek penalties and punitive damages from those attempting to destroy their lives with such thoughtless and baseless mob mentality tactics. Just because they can does not mean that they should or should be allowed to. Thanks again to the ACLU.

  2. Justice for ALL says:

    My question is this: What does this person (Donna Zink) intend to do with the information that is released TO HER (and from my understanding, her only)?

    Clearly she isn’t thinking of building a website and put all the information she has obtained on it, is she? After all, doesn’t it say somewhere on the site that {the information is for informational purposes only and not to be used to exploit, annoy or otherwise harrass} the individuals listed?

    What is the angle here? Or is this just more political grandstanding to make her look good if/when she decides to run for another office?

    I wonder if within 50 to 100 years will sex offenders be offered reparations for all of the abuse, loss of rights, and suffering that was caused by the government people for their personal gain. If so, I probably won’t be alive to see it.

  3. Renee Venard says:

    I am tired of all the lies people make up to get people in trouble for life and it gets pushed through the court system without proof and no true form of investigation Washington’s cowlitz county has done this several times I’ve personally seen it happen a witch hunt look at the laws you can’t hold your child or you can be a sex offender lets get serious

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